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My name is Susan Eastman Walton, president of Move Sport, Inc. and the ageing athlete behind RecoFit. Cycling is my sport of choice but it isn’t always convenient or efficient due to time or weather, and that’s when I run. Running has its challenges, though, as I am prone to shin splints, among other things. After just 35 minutes, the aches and pains would begin.My hardcore running friends remind me to buy new shoes regularly (I do), wear my orthodontics (I do) and ice after every run (uh, I don’t). I often complained to my husband that I wished there was something preventative rather than reactive I could do to address these issues. As a sportswear manufacturer, he is a performance-fabric expert. He suggested we further explore the compression concept, which was already on the market but I hadn’t found anything that I liked because I’m choosy about my socks.

The Versatility We look for

I wanted the versatility of different socks for running, hiking and biking while supporting the calf muscles. I also wanted something that didn’t look geriatric. They needed to look cool!We came up with a high-tech-looking “sleeve.” I tested them on Stylexa runs, tweaked their fit and then wore a pair in the 2008 Bolder Boulder, an event I haven’t done since the mid-1980s. It’s 6.2 miles on pavement and I was dreading the resulting damage. I was thrilled to find my legs feeling as good at the finish line as they did at the start. But the big test would be the next day: Would my shins be tender and achy? Much to my surprise, there was no pain, as if I hadn’t even run the race. I was amazed, named them RecoFit for RECOvery and FITness and my new business was born!

New Territory

Yes, this is new territory for me but not illogical. For more than 20 years I was a journalist, editor and publicist in the sports world, writing for local and national publications. I was the media director for numerous events, including the Coors Pro Ski Tour, the Coors International Bicycle Classic and the 1986 World Cycling Championships, and I co-founded Inside Communications, Inc., former publisher of VeloNews and Inside Triathlon magazines.All along I was a weekend warrior and occasionally competed in 10k races and run-bike duathlons. But as a sports medicine doctor told me during an exam for a sore knee several years ago, “You’re over 40, you’ve worked out your whole life, you’ve run out of free miles.”Well, RecoFit compression components have made it possible for me to again do one-hour runs and stay injury-free. I don’t aspire to be on the level of the pro athletes I’ve written about over the years, but it looks as if I’ve still got some free miles in me!

Whoever you are, we got your Back

Whether you are an athlete, work on your feet all day, are pregnant or have circulation issues, I hope you find these products help you, too.

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